Specialty Lenses

Enjoying Life Through a Different Lens

Your lifestyle and environment all affect the lenses you may need. Your vision is precious, and we want you seeing and feeling your best! That’s where specialty lenses come in—they can allow us to personalize your vision care experience further.

At Port Royal Eye Care, we offer specialty lenses by Neurolens to diagnose and treat eye misalignment with accuracy.

Eye misalignment can cause various issues, including:

  • Headaches

  • Eye strain

  • Dry eye sensation

  • Neck pain

  • Eye fatigue

The Neurolens process begins with accurately measuring your eye misalignment. Those measurements are then used to create the unique Neurolenses that help you overcome your eye misalignment issues.

Neurolenses use a contoured prism design to correct eye misalignment naturally and deliver comfortable, clear vision.

Contact us to learn more about Neurolens and our other specialty lens solutions.

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