the best selection of optical lenses from Port Royal Eyecare - Spring Hill, TN

And Now The Sexy Part – Lenses!

As much fun as looking at the thousands of styles and colors of eyeglasses available to us may be, nothing is more important than the clearest portion of your eyewear, the lenses. Personally, we think lenses are sexy. Call us geeks if you will, but we love the minuscule differences each new innovation in lens technology brings to the table. Just as there is no one car that’s perfect for everyone, no one food we all agree on, no one beer or wine everyone continues to stock their home with, there is no one lens that works for everyone.

Your prescription, your lifestyle, your work environment, even the eyeglass frames you select, all have a hand in determining what lens works best for you in every pair of eyeglasses. We carry a wide assortment of lenses from the world’s finest lens manufacturers.

We are proud to work with Tennesse’s finest optical lab, Peak Optical. Peak was established by Optometrists to meet the exacting standards of today’s ultra-precise optometric measurements. Each lens we recommend is finely crafted and hand finished to meet your individual optical needs based on your lifestyle and prescription to give you the finest crafted optical instrument available in Tennessee.

Whether you need a single vision lens or a finely tuned personalized progressive lens, we have you covered. We even feature Bluetech lenses that help eliminate harmful HEV blue light from LED’s that are harmful to your eyes and mess with sleep patterns too.

Want sun protection? We sell the finest sun clips from Custom Eyes and photochromic lenses from Transitions that darken in the sun and clear up again indoors.

Ask us about the differences in lenses. We would love to share some of that sexy lens technology knowledge with you!