Dr. Stephanie Price

Since childhood, I have been fascinated by eyes! I used to hide in my closet with a penlight and a handheld mirror to watch my pupils dilate while I shone the light into them. Later in school, when friends were dreamily scribbling their own and their crush’s name together as ‘Mr. and Mrs’, I was delightedly drawing eyes in the margins of my papers. In college, I became an eye care technician at a national chain and found my calling. I love my patients and customers.

I truly love what I do. My patients and customers bless me each and every day by letting me take care of them. I strive to earn their trust and become a trusted friend and optical confident they can rely on for years to come. I moved back to the Nashville area to raise my daughter and be the best optometrist in the community that meant so much to me growing up.

I love going that extra step to show what effect the right prescription can have on my patients’ outlook, and their whole world. I love helping them pick out that perfect frame or two (or sometimes more) to give them a whole new view of the world, while at the same time changing how the world looks at them. I recently fit a middle school student who had a very strong prescription with contact lenses. He went from being this shy kid who was picked on in school to a very self-assured young man with new friends in a matter of days.

Owning an optical practice allows me a lot of options in eyewear and I love changing things up. Every time an optical representative comes in I am looking at eyewear for all our customers while keeping my eyes peeled for a new pair for me! Currently, I am favoring a pair of funky Etnia Barcelona eyeglasses from Spain and a pair of Toms mirrored sunglasses to protect my eyes when I wear contact lenses.

Dr. Stephanie Price - Port Royal Eyecare

I love coming into work at Port Royal Eyecare! I get to meet such a wonderful variety of people here. I am usually the first person customers and patients see when they enter our store and the last when they are done with their visit.

I love being the person who schedules their appointments, walks them to the examination rooms, introduces them to Dr. Price or Brandon, and ensures they are happy with their decision to come to Port Royal Eyecare. I even verify their insurance paperwork is done correctly so they get the most from their benefits.

I am also lucky enough to be the person who helps them select the right contact lenses for their individual needs. I like that I get to choose from such wonderful eyeglasses for myself here in the store. My new Scott Harris frames are my favorite pair of eyeglasses these days. I just love the compliments I get in my Invu sunglasses too!


I truly get a kick when I can fit a customer in exciting new pairs of eyeglasses. I really take pride in matching their frames with their lifestyle, their sense of color, and of course, what they do for work and play, to come up with the best eyewear for their needs.
I recently helped a gentleman who tried to save money by ordering those cheap online glasses. It turns out the company who sold them completely messed up the prescription lenses. After visiting 6 different optical stores, he came to visit us. I ordered him a completely different set of lenses from our lab and when his new lenses from our office were presented to him in his frames, his smile could have lit up half of Tennessee!

I so believe in what I do here at Port Royal Eyecare, I sometimes think 20% of my paycheck goes right back into the cash register as I am always buying new frames. My newest favorite is a Costa del Mar.

Meet SunShine at Port Royal Eyecare

I enjoy helping people, and being part of the Port Royal Eyecare team means I get that opportunity every day. I love being able to custom fit a pair of eyeglasses to each person I get to work with. While Dr. Price makes each patient see better, I am able to give them a new outlook with their new eyewear too.

I recently helped a woman who had been wearing the same eyeglasses for almost a dozen years. Even though her prescription had changed over the years, she stubbornly held onto wearing the same frames and lenses. They had become so scratched she finally decided to update her prescription while still using her old frames. While we were waiting for her paperwork to be completed I had her try on some new Ovvo frames. She was amazed at how light and colorful they were. Long story short, she ended up with a new pair of eyeglasses and lenses and couldn’t thank us enough for making her try them on.


Karen is often the first person you will be in contact with on the phone or when you walk in the door. Originally from Las Vegas, NV, (born and raised), she moved to Tennessee in 2015. She joined our Port Royal Eyecare family in 2019 and has been involved in the optical field since 2016. She makes a great addition to our practice. Karen has experience in many different areas of the office and is currently focused on providing quality service for patients. Karen is available to assist you in a number of ways; whether it is scheduling your appointments, adjusting your glasses or helping you with your contact lens training. Karen is hardworking, dedicated and organized. She is not afraid to go that extra mile for someone. When Karen isn’t cheerfully at your service, she enjoys quilting, crocheting, scrapbooking or organizing something! But most of her time is spent restoring their colonial home that was built in 1838. Karen and her wonderful husband of 33 years have 3 grown sons and one gorgeous granddaughter, with whom they love spending time with.

Port Royal Eyecare is proud to be a part of MusicCares, providing a safety net of critical assistance for music people in time of need.

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